I make all Mantra Body Products by hand, in small batches. Each of them is unique, but I'm most proud of Mantra Cream and Mantra Emulsion. These are based on recipes that are over 900 years old from my homeland in West Africa. They originated in a time & place where artificial chemicals and additives didn't exist. Because they have no artificial binding agents, the all-natural ingredients must be prepared and combined over a period of 110 days. It is a complex process, but the end product is well worth it.


What We're About

Mantra Body Products achieve the impossible - truly 100% natural skin care, with no chemicals or artificial additives. We use food grade ingredients, because what you put on your skin eventually goes into your body. Mantra Body Products can become a valuable part of your daily routine of nourishing and caring for yourself and your body. In fact, we call our line Mantra Body Products because repeated use will bring about healthy, vibrant, youthful skin.

Your Mantra Body Cream and Emulsion come in a special energy saving glass used for high quality "living" products called Miron Glass. Mantra will not lose its energy radiating through the walls of the glass container and its bio-energy level will therefore remain constant.

For your body, we have Mantra Cream, Mantra Cream - Sensitive, and Mantra Emulsion.

For your face, we have Mantra Night Time Moisturizer. For dry facial skin, Mantra Cream - Sensitive or Mantra Emulsion.

For your lips, we have Mantra Lip Balm.

Why use Mantra Body Products?

To find out more about what goes into Mantra Body Products, check out our Ingredients Page. To see a list of the stuff that we steer clear of, check out "What's NOT in Mantra".