Mantra Lip Balm
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Mantra Lip Balm

Deep Penetrating Moisture & Heals and conditions dry chapped Lips.
Leaves Lips moist without looking greasy.
Handmade - 100% ALL NATURAL

Choose from our 2 delicious flavors: Peppermint Teatree or Lemon Ginger Honey


Apply Mantra Lip Balm liberally to the lips, and allow an excess of the balm to be absorbed. Mantra Lip Balms won't leave a greasy glossy look to your lips, just a natural moisturized sheen.

Peppermint Teatree Lip Balm contains:

bees wax (organic)coconut oil (virgin)palm kernelpeppermintraw honey (organic, local)rosemaryshea butter (unrefined)tea tree oil

Lemon Ginger Honey Lip Balm contains:

bees wax (organic)coconut oil (virgin)gingerlemonpalm kernelraw honey (organic, local)shea butter (unrefined)tea tree oil

For more information on the ingredients in Mantra Lip Balm, visit our ingredients page.

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